I'll help you Print your photos. Why?

Because you don't want to be this mom...



lost USB drives, scratched disks, and corrupt hard drives...did your heart just sink too? 

It happens all too easily. Technology is not reliable.

When was the last time you actually printed off that Facebook photo? What actually happens when a photographer hands you a disk?

YOUR lovely images collect dust on a piece of plastic.

I'm guilty of it too...and it needs to change. Why? Because one of my favorite memories growing up is looking through all the albums my mom put together throughout the years. I want my kids to have that same experience. Pictures capture a moment that you can't get back.

 They are cherished memories.



What You'll Receive

By working with Katie, you will receive a personal full photography experience.  From the start of a vision to a canvas on the wall, I will walk you through each step. I listen to your wants, address your concerns, and help craft a session that is unique to you. Go home giddy and eager to display priceless custom products of your beautiful loved ones that will last a lifetime.

Because let's face it, I'm guessing your USB drive isn't written into your child's inheritance.