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People know me as the "Bulgaria girl” after I spent my teenage years living there and being shaped by its beauty and culture. These days you can find me pretending to be Joanna Gaines- trying to keep plants alive and fixing up our 1920's bungalow with my college sweetheart in our cute little South Carolina town. When we're not working on a house project, we love taking weekend road trips, exploring thrift shops, trying new restaurants, catching a baseball game, or snuggling our pups, Beau and Ella Blue. I'm always game for a good cup of coffee and conversation and there is no struggle that prayer, dark chocolate, and my hubby's hugs can't get me through. 

While my first "good" camera was a Christmas gift in high school, the idea of actually understanding it and studying light was overwhelming to me. So, it became just a fun "toy". It wasn't until college that art-major-me realized starving artist and selling oil paintings weren't on my to-do list but, maybe photography could be. I decided to buy a refurbished camera and see where it took me. This time I dove into learning about my camera. Not being a super academically driven person, it was the  first time studying didn't feel like battle I was zoning out from. Learning was fun and interesting and stealing my sleep! The more I studied the more I saw my photography grow and change and it became a true passion. Now I can't image ever putting my camera down.






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I've moved 14 times, 
& traveled to 16 countries

So many more on my list!


I can speak in Bulgarian...
and possibly rap in it too

nope, don't ask


My engagement story includes:
a broke down car, a lost proposal letter, 
& running from a park ranger

My engagement story includes:
a broke down car, a lost proposal letter, 
& running from a park ranger

It was so typically "us"


I used to be TERRIFIED of dogs after
being chased by one as a kid.

Now I have a pit


I have a really weird phobia of torn
restaurant booth or car seats

I know... I know...my husband thinks I'm crazy too

I know... I know...
my husband thinks I'm crazy too


I could spend all day binge watching
The Office

I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious

I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious


I'm that girl that says "I'll just have water"
when they ask if Pepsi is ok


MY PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE IS natural, authentic, and timeless. I like to throw perfection out the door (because, how exhausting is that standard?!) and instead let you shine! I keep my sessions simple and relaxed while I focus on connection. I'm looking to  freeze in time those pure, raw, priceless milestones in your life. It's an exhilarating feeling, creating art out of moments and bringing visions to life.

MY GOAL FOR YOU IS to go home with photos that you’ll be in love with ten years from now and that you can pass along to the next generations. 


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photography locations

joshua tree national park


dominican republic

place I want to photograph


the grand canyon

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