If you're looking for a photographer with backdrops, a room full of props, and lots of posed shots of everyone looking at the camera, then you're in the wrong place! 

While I love and appreciate a good posed studio shot, it's just not my style of shooting. My approach is very organic and natural. I like to shoot on location and want to capture your candid movements.  If you're thinking, "Oh my gosh, but I have no idea what to in front of a camera!" Don't worry! I will NOT leave you hanging. I will pose you, but I prefer to lead you and give you prompts that will help you relax and show your true personality.

My style has much more of a lifestyle touch, meaning that I want to capture you being YOU. Chances are, you're way more of a natural than you think!

Want at least one shot of everyone smiling at the camera? No problem. We can definitely do that! It's just not my overall focus when shooting. I'm wanting to capture that belly laugh, the twinkle in your eye, and the sweet smile only your significant other gets to see. So, if you're looking for more than a standard beautiful photo, but an experience that captures your relationship, then you're in the right place!


 learn more about my philosophy

 learn more about my philosophy

the approach

With today's technology, taking photos is easier than ever! Everyone has a camera on them at all times, ready to snap any moment. It can be really fun! But sadly, the art of printing is slowly fading, and your gorgeous images that you put time and thought into are sitting useless on your computer. 

I still have memories of my brother and I grabbing an album off the shelf and spending hours flipping through the pages, asking my mom questions about who people were or why our hair was cut like that, and before we knew it, hours had passed. Those albums are priceless copies of memories I can't wait to show my own kids one day.  There is something about holding an image in your hand that really changes the game. 

Harddrives crash. Phones fall in water. And suddenly all your photos, phone numbers, and memos are gone. Sure you can pull out your phone and share a memory with your grandmother but let me tell you, she'd much rather have it framed on her wall.

Having a hard copy print of a memory is priceless. And believe me when I say, it is SO much more beautiful. That's why I'm here to help you print your milestones, create gallery walls, and design albums together. You put effort into these photos, and they deserve some love!  Every session comes with the option to purchase high quality products from your gallery, however I do sit down with clients, show them samples,  and help them create the perfect order as well. Together, let's keep prints alive!



how your prints are helping

If you know me, you know that besides photography, loving on children is another passion of mine. I've always had a heart for kids, especially those who don't have loving homes. I also have always wanted my photography business to be something more than a business. I wanted it to be a way to bring life and love to those who need it; whether it's raising your self esteem or financially relieving a burden.  So, drumroll please...I am so excited to share, that 10% off all product orders is donated to Smile, Bulgaria; a foundation that gives a loving home and future to orphans in Bulgaria.

When you order a print or an album, you're doing more than celebrating your memories. You're helping give a child a home. How exciting, right?! And ironically, this foundation's name fits perfectly with photography :) Spending my teenage years in Bulgaria gave me a  love for the country and while I'm now state-side again, I wanted to be able to still keep a connection to it. 
Want to meet the founders? Believe me, you do!



meet the

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often children born with disabilities are unwanted and put out on the street.

the majority of orphans are roma (gypsy) and born into poverty. there is still much prejudice against roma people in bulgaria.

at age 18, orphans are
released from orphanages. many are without a proper education and turn prostitution to support themselves.


Did You Know?

 Christina met Spas while living as a missionary in Bulgaria and they were married just a few short years later! As a couple they serve as missionaries to Bulgaria with Global Outreach. Together they founded Smile Bulgaria, a foundation dedicated to helping children from institutional backgrounds integrate into society in healthy and meaningful ways while also providing alternatives to institutional care. Christina and Spas have had their hand in many projects to help orphaned children including a family-based home, foster families, summer camps, and English tutoring. Spas and Christina have three beautiful girls, Joanna, Abby, and Sophia!

meet the stoimenovi

their 3 objectives

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To provide a safe, loving home for as many children as possible by providing all of the support, care, and opportunities possible.

To help members of the community, especially the local church, get involved in the lives of these children in meaningful ways.

To be instrumental in breaking down prejudice toward these children, and especially toward the Roma population throughout Bulgaria.




Christina and I met during my teenage years when I was living in Bulgaria with my family. She grew to be like a big sister to me and soon I began going with her weekly to help teach English at an after school program for orphan teens. I got to know the kids, see how Christina so effortlessly interacted with them, and be a part of ministry. To this day, I still get updates on a few a the kids and love knowing how God has grown in them. Besides working together in ministry,  Christina and I grew a close relationship stemming from  a weekly girl's Bible study that she lead. Those evenings together were some of the best times. Filled with hot tea, knitting (yes we sound like old ladies!), good conversation, and lots of prayer, we all grew a special bond that I hold so dear in my heart. Christina was a comfort and encourager to me as I navigated a new country and culture.

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